Re: Sacred Cows
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 13:13:12 -0500

Rbin Hanson:

(Eric)>All our words and all our actions will have far more unintended
>consequences than intended ones. I don't know about the rest of
>the list, but I'm quite confident that we have no idea what we're
>doing. We ought to give it a good college try anyway.

(Robin)>We know more than nothing, less than everything. It is just as much
mistake to think we know nothing as it is to think we know everything.
>The goal is to be well-calibrated about how much we know.

I agree with you Robin, but I think he said- we don't
know what we are DOING- far cry from 'we know
nothing". But I can see how it might be interpreted
that way. I took another meaning from it.

What we seem to not know is how far reaching our
actions can be. Or if we are accomplishing what we
set out to.
I think you and he are both correct. We try to know
the most we can know, set our sights on what we
intend our "doing" to accomplish, and to measure it's probabilty and result
as objectively as possible.