Re: Right/Left Brain Ratio
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 13:11:02 -0500

There is a big gray area here. I am a microbiologist doing _engineering_ of
water systems. Yet, I started out in college minoring in _music_ and have
played the trumpet, piano, cello, oboe, violin and recorder. My father is an
artist, yet he taught earth science for 30 years. I studied _art_ under my
father and still produce some art today. Four years ago I seriously
considered selling, at least part time, my _art_ for income (and decreasing
microbiology). But, I now own my own microbiology company.

Am I right brain dominant or left brain dominant? Perhaps I'm not dominant
in either side or more likely: I switch back and forth. In the book by
Better Edwards,_Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain_, shows how she can
get left brain dominant thinkers to switch over to the right side of the
brain when they draw. The same person will produce strikingly different
drawings depending on which _mode_ they are in as if TWO different people are
inside one body.

Ansel Adams said the engineering of photography was more important than in
painting and yet I would hardly say Ansel Adams was not a artist.

I think I have learned to change between one dominance and the another, but I
have both available. Is it just that some people don't know how to switch
back and forth? Because that could give the wrong impression of a right vs.
left brain battle that really isn't there.

Dynamically Opitmistic,