The Property Protocol

David Musick (
Mon, 28 Oct 96 04:46:27 UT

I think Rich is quite correct; property "rights" are fictitious. They are
simply some of the protocols that many humans have agreed to interact with
each other under. I happen to like the Property Protocol. I enjoy acquiring
things and creating things, and I enjoy the fact that most people do not take
"my" things away from me. I think a lot of people enjoy "owning" things, and
out of mutual respect and mutual benefit, they have agreed to respect each
other's desires of "ownership" and forcefully prevent others from taking
another's "property".

It's a sort of conspiracy. It's sort of a game. It's a lot of people
agreeing to behave a certain way and act according to certain rules. It seems
to be mutually beneficial to all parties involved in the agreement. Whether
this game is morally "right" or "wrong" is a subject of debate.

- David Musick

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