Re: Billionaires (was re: Suresh Naidu's Arguments)
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 20:48:05 -0400

In a message dated 96-10-20 11:20:36 EDT, Ira Brodsky wrote:
<< Having worked for some very wealthy individuals, I can verify the
observation first made by George Gilder that successful entrepreneurs are
far less "greedy" than the average person on welfare. >>

The wealthy people I currently work for are really down-to-earth common
people who got wealthy by creating food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and
nutritional supplement companies. I work for companies who employ hundreds
of thousands of people. The owners are not greedy at all. They pay well for
my services and we are both happy.

The first company I worked for full time had 40 employees in 1979 and 80 in
1987. The company was started in the 1940s and still had many of the
original employees in 1987. The owners could not have had such a low
turnover rate by being greedy. They were successful and in eight years
(1979-1987) they went from 21 million to 200 million in sales. The sales per
employees was (21 million /40 employees) 5,250,000 in 1979 and (200
million/80) 25,000,000 in 1987.

Why were the employees so productive? The owners were NOT greedy and the
employees knew it. We all worked as if WE were the owners of the company