Re: Upload rehearsal?

Chris Hind (
Wed, 23 Oct 1996 23:16:17 -0700

>Want to bet? The technological problems of doing a 'dry' upload are very
>complex, but 'wet' uploads add another level of complexity since they have
>to act in a dynamic system (immune responses, synaptic plasticity, the
>actions of glia cells, sudden head movements). If you have the technology
>to do a 'wet' upload you can do a 'dry' upload.

The organism is living inside your head feeding off of your blood like a
paracite while it replaces neurons with organic pointers to locations of
stored data inside the virtual world. A neuron impulse would bounce neuron
to neuron to organic pointer where it would then disappear and continue it's
path through the virtual neuron circuitry inside the virtual world. Neuron
impulses would bounce between real neurons and virtual neurons seamlessly
until the entire brain had become converted. Explain the actions of glia
cells though.