Re: The Worker / Employer Relationship
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 10:45:59 -0400

In a message dated 96-10-19 16:28:37 EDT, Suresh wrote:

<< That's not the case. In anarchism,
everybody wants to be free, correct,

Do you really think _everybody_ wants to be free and "correct"... Sounds like
something from George Orwell _1984_ or Thought Police would say to me. Don't
you think criminals will be in the place? Or will I be a "criminal" for not
thinking like you?

<<then why should someone be able to
force others to work for them, by offering them the "choice", between
starvation and slavery.

Do you really think it's force? . . . a choice between starvation or slavery?
You can't (or won't) see _any_ other options in our vast and diversified
world today? You are very pessimistic if you can't see other alternatives.
I guess farming is too "low" for you to consider. I don't know of any
place on Earth a person can't be a farmer. But, I'm sure you'll bend over
backwards to (pessimistically) find a place where you can't farm.
Antarctica? Ok, how about hunting then? . . . Don't want animals to get
hurt. Gathering? . . .Too messy. The only think left is your benevolence.
Hail to the benevolent King. Your plan doesn't empower people to help

People should not accept your addicting benevolence if they want to be self
empowered. Instead:
I think: Everybody on Earth works for themselves. WE ARE ALL SELF-EMPLOYED.
This means personal responsibility to the people your customers. For a
child the customer is the friends, father and mother . For an adult it is
your co-workers, supervisor, buyer of your labor, husband, wife, friend,