RE: Retrieving & Recreating Stored Memories

Crosby_M (
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 16:50:00 -0400

On Monday, October 21, 1996 3:42PM, Chris Hind wrote:
<I've never read Mondo 2000 but heard SO MUCH about it. Where can i get
a copy?>

I found it at a Borders Bookstore but I think any urban bookstore with a
large selection of periodicals should have it. It's a hard magazine to
classify so I'm not sure what section you look in. The cover is deep
blue, with MONDO in unusual lettering across the top and two futuristic
female models with silverized hair.

Charles Ostman, the Mondo science editor posted to this list re: Neural
Connections on Tuesday, October 08, 1996 8:17PM and left some URLs. I
tried the mondo2000 one but it was awfully slow (probably alot of
graphics) and gave up:

Some of the tech articles include:
people-tracking with subdermal implants, biokinetics and real-object
capture for VR, bidirectional tactile response interfaces, 'scent
organs', and Ostman's "Head Cheese on Wry" column (which I haven't had a
chance to read yet) that is precisely about the things discussed on this
thread: whether thought patterns can be stored and retrieved, monitored,
overriden and communicated to others.


P.S. There's also a fascinating interview with Mark Pesce, co-inventor
of VRML, where he talks about "cyber ecology" and VR on the World Wide
<The idea is to take the original database - which is the planet - and
establish a superstructure for people to recreate the planet
collaboratively on the Web ... We're opening ourselves up to mediations
that can mutate ... they can start leading us around ... to create
harmony between what's in and what's out, and it appears they're
somewhat reflective ... Perhaps the Internet will serve as a reality
condom [so that we can] spend our time in the real world as sacred