Re: Emotions "vestigial"? was Re: On being Extropian

Chris Hind (
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 13:26:40 -0700

>That quote from Bertrand Russell is so startling and powerful because it
>comes from a mathematical genius, someone who knew as much about logic
>as anyone in human history, and yet had a rather difficult time
>harnessing the emotions in his own personal life. (This from a Wall St.
>Journal review of a Russell biography that I saw within the last few

Perhaps there are two extremes dealing with ways people deal with emotions
because logic creates maturity. I know people of both extremes which are
very intelligent and logical in their jobs or when analyzing but have
little control over emotional outbursts in their social life and i know
people who are very mature in their social life with great control over
their emotions (they can take alot of shit) and have average intelligence.