RE: Retrieving & Recreating Stored Memories

Chris Hind (
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 12:42:08 -0700

At 16:31 10/20/96 -0400, you wrote:
>On Sunday, October 20, 1996 2:14PM Chris Hind wrote:
><How possible is it that we could record all of our sensory input and
>store it as a file and how large would say a 1 minute file be?>
>When you say _all_ our sensory input, if you're talking about all the
>nerve signals in your body and all the endocrine signals and so on,
>you're talking a huge amount of data. Of course, most of that wouldn't
>be very interesting, and most of it never gets to the brain, let alone
>long-term memory. Data reduction is non-trivial and emotions (or at
>least the brain's limbic system) seem to play a big role in deciding
>what is important enough to go into long-term memory.

I'm just interested in the general senses for recording. How much bandwidth
do our senses produce? And again, how large would a 1 minute sensory
datafile be?

>BTW, the latest _Mondo 2000_ is full of articles on this type of stuff
>(I just picked it up yesterday).

I've never read Mondo 2000 but heard SO MUCH about it. Where can i get a copy?