Re: Emotions "vestigial"? was Re: On being Extropian
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 14:29:28 -0400


>>May I suggest another division? There are both rational and irrational

I would suggest, instead of a division, a gradation.

(snip of a post I agree with)

and... again,
As Natasha Vita More added:
<Rather than putting a chain on or caging our emotions, we might think of
exercising the management of emotions.>

Yes!! and as exercise goes, this is one of the hardest muscles to exercise,
not only because the work may seem unpleasant- and may require therapy or
intense pain, but often because of the stigma surrounding the world view of
emotional weakness (especially men are not encouraged to admit they may need
some "emotional working out"). However, Emotional Intelligence is finally
gaining a place in our vocabulary ( EQ) and is actually being taught to kids
these days.
In the future, I, like Natasha, think rather than abolishing emotion, or
lessening it, our "emotional landscapes" will become more rewarding, more
rich, more refined.