Re: Hacking the Kernal of the Universe

Chris Hind (
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 23:37:13 -0700

>If we learned how to alter the structure of space-time itself, that would be
>really amazing. That would be the universe hacking it's own kernal,
>trancending itself. Perhaps that's what it's been doing all along; hacking
>it's own kernal, to make it more intelligent next time it reboots, modifying
>it's design and then allowing the system to play itself out until it
>spontaneously reboots itself.

Very interesting idea! Why didn't I think of this post! We all already
realize that the universe is merely a computer for which life runs on with
genetics (the code) the laws of physics (the processor). I wonder how far
we will transcend or raise the bar of quality and complexity in this session?

>Or perhaps, as Chris
>Hind brought up, the universe will learn how to create baby universes which
>also become self-aware, and able to improve themselves and do the same type of
>thing their parent universe did, inheriting a lot of it's basic

Perhaps this is the answer to our Great Filter thread? Maybe sometime in our
near future we discover how to create a baby universe and we enter it and
break off from the rest of the universe which is why there is no one out
there to communicate with. We would have transcended out of our current
universe into a baby universe where we define the laws of physics and just
like a programming language, create a new programming language more powerful
than the last one much like the transition from coding assembly to C++ to
better versions and other specialized languages. I wonder if the previous
civilizations that coded our current universal kernel added any remarks into
the code as a signature.

> There is the possibility that the universe itself is an
>organism, in an environment of other universes. They may be breeding and
>feeding off each other.

What would you call this organism? Super Gaia? hehe or Unigaia (which i like

>Then these
>will do the same sort of thing that we did, continually reproducing. Perhaps
>our universe has ancestors. What an intriguing idea!

It would be _very_ interesting to see what these ancestor universes would
look like! Perhaps there is an infinite stream of baby universe upon baby
universes behind us? Or is it finite? I wonder how the first universe would
look like? Probably we wouldn't be able to visit it because no form of life
could exist there.