Re: Average Age of an Extropian

Chris Hind (
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 23:21:24 -0700

> I really think age is irrelevant on this list. For one, the list is
>a forum for extropian conversation; I have a feeling some peoples' views may
>be frowned upon by others if they know the poster's age.

I was only curious.

> If there was a 15
>year-old on this list, some members might think that that person had not
>experienced the world or had not been involved enough to know anything about

Most of what we discuss on this list is book learned anyways and life
experience plays a small part due to it's subjective quality.

> On the other side of the spectrum, if there was a 75 year-old
>on this list, members might feel that he\she has no chance of uploading,
>therefore his\her views are inconsequential.

Of course they'd need to rule out the chance of uploading to look upon them
as such.

>but past experience
>has shown me how judgmental people tend
>to be when faced with an age.

Then they're obviously not extropians or transhumans.

> As long as their topics are extropian, I
>wouldn't care if there were 10 year-olds on the list. Enough said!

I completely agree. More power to the person if they can convince older people!