Conspiracy FACT vs GOVT Fabrication

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At 09:08 PM 9/23/96 +0100, Sarah Marr questioned:
> I'm not aware of any [ conspiracy theories ] which
> have... been proven correct. So a question for Ian...
> Can you give examples of conspiracy theories which have turned out true?

IAN: If we define "proven true" as "that which is accepted
by the GovtMedia," and thus by the majority of people, I'd
be hard-pressed to point to a conspiracy "proven true."

If we define "proven true" as "consistent with facts," then
there are many conspiracy theories proven true, such as:

CONSPIRACY THEORY 1: Attica prison guards killed all the
prisoners and hostages during the 1971 Attica prison riot.

FACT: The GovtMedia reported that the prisoners cut the hostages
throats. Headlines even said "I Saw The Slit Thoughts." Recently, 25
years later, the man who did the autopsies, Dr. Baden, said on the HBO
series "Autopsy" that the guards shot everyone and the stories to the
contrary were a Big Lie. Yet the media line is still the govt line. It
becomes clear after a little research that the media serves the State.

CONSPIRACY THEORY 2: Many people who died during the
final assault on the Branch Davidian community in
Waco, TX, were killed by the FBI, not at the hands
of Davidian members as reported. The GovtMedia con-
spires to cover-up and censor facts proving this.

FACT 1: In November of '93, pathologist Dr. Rodney Crowe, who did
autopsies on surviving bodies from the Waco fire, said on the Murry
Povich Show that the children who died of blunt-force trauma were in
fact * crushed to death after a tank collapsed a concrete wall on them. *
The children and their mothers -- over 40 women and children -- were
this concrete room (which GovtMedia called "the bunker" ) trying to
survive, not to kill themselves as the GovtMedia would have us think.
They were all killed. The GovtMedia told us that these children were
"beaten to death by their parent in the final moments." Dr. Crowe
was irate about this gross example of GovtMedia disinformation.

FACT 2: Medical examiner Nizaam Peerwani testified at the Davidian's
trial that three women and six children in that concrete room died of
suffocation *before* the fire. He suspects it was due to CS gas (Trial
transcripts: 5979, 6029). Did you hear about that on the news? Nope. Ms.
Reno said she does not think CS can be lethal to children, yet the label
on all CS canisters says that CS used indoors can be fatal to children.
Before the fire, a tank shot several * exploding * CS rounds point-
blank into that small room filled with women and children. Mt Carmel
was heavily bugged, so they had to know where the women and children
were. Notice how these *facts* are censored from any news coverage.
That is itself proof of conspiracy to cover-up mass murder. More:

FACT 3: According to former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, infra-red
(FLIR) video taken from the FBI's own helicopter proves that the FBI fired
heavily with full-auto machine guns into the Mt Carmel center just as the
fire started, which was when people would most likely try to exit. The FLIR
video also proves that Davidians did NOT fire out at the tanks on that day
as reported by the GovtMedia. That bit of disinformation was a key pretext
to speeding up the demolition of the building. Ramsey Clark will be using
this FLIR video in upcoming wrongful death suits against the so-called
"Department of Justice." Ramsey Clark spoke about the FLIR video at
the April 19, 1996 memorial gathering in Waco, TX.

FACT 4: Toxicologist Dr. William Marcus, testified at the congressional
hearings on Waco that the CS molecule contains a "cyanide radical" that
could have been transdermally absorbed by the children due to their thin
skin. CS also converts to hydrogen cyanide upon heating. In fact, surviving
bodies where found to contain very high levels of cyanide. Dr. Marcus also
observed that CS is a heavy particle that is suspended in the air like a
gas only for a brief period when carried by the flammable and toxic agent
methyl chloride, thus CS particles fall quickly to the ground. The FBI
calculated that if spread evenly over the known sq. feet of indoor space,
the tons of CS pumped in should not have exceeded safe levels. But this
is a deception because, as CS quickly falls, very high concentrations
would be found toward the floor along with the children and fallen
adults, in fact, 10 to 100x higher than if uniformly distributed.

I believe that these facts prove the conspiracy theory that the govt
killed many or most of the people who died on April 19, 1993 at Waco,
Waco, TX. The facts also strongly suggest, to as the least, that the
govt killed with intent. They also prove that the media censors all
those facts that indicate govt culpability in favor of false claims
that demonize the victims of govt abuse, thereby rendering the media
a willing accessory to mass murder and to the obstruction of justice.

CONSPIRACY THEORY 3: The FBI facilitated and allowed the World
Trade Center bombing to happen when they could have stopped it.

FACTS: As reported by The New York Times (10/28/93) and CNN, Mr.
Salem, a 43-year-old former Egyptian Army officer, was used by the
FBI to infiltrate the terrorists later charged in the Trade Center
bombing. The original plan told to Mr. Salem was that his job was
to see to it that fake explosives were used, then the bombers would
be busted for planting what they thought was a real bomb with no
possibility of anybody getting hurt. A good plan. Mr. Salem
secretly tape-recorded hundreds of hours of his telephonic
communications with authorities without their knowledge.

The recordings reveal that the FBI changed the original plan and
told Mr. Salem NOT to use the fake explosives but to use REAL
explosives. The FBI agent who told him to use real explosives was
adamant about this. I saw and heard this on CNN in '93 and could not
believe my eyes and ears, I thought, "We'll never hear the end of
this." Boy was I wrong, it totally disappeared. Alas, there is a
excerpt of some of this that was printed in The New York
Times available at:

While these recordings were played in preliminary court hearings,
they were barred from the actual trial because Mr. Salem made them
without the permission of the FBI agents. The govt can bug you without
your permission, but the opposite is not also true -- that's tyranny.
The tapes exist, and they prove that the FBI de facto orchestrated the
bombing of the World Trade Center, an act that would result in massive
new police powers for the FBI. However, because the tapes were barred
from court, the media simply pretends they don't exist and the truth
is forever nullified from the official GovtMedia story, exiled to
the dark allies of seedy conspiracy theory.

They say that tens of thousands would have died if the truck-bomb
had been able to park in the spot the bombers had reserved, right
next to a key column, but when they got there a car had taken their
spot. I'd like to think someone knew about this and parked the car
there to saves the lives of thousands of people.

evidence in the Oklahoma bombing investigation.

FACT: Associated Press 04/10/96 reports that (emphasis added):

Prosecutors agreed to turn over letters from FBI
agent Frederic Whitehurts, who tested Mr. McVeigh's
cloths for traces of explosives. Mr. Whitehurst has
claimed that investigators FAKED evidence in the
bombing case. ^^^^^

CONSPIRACY THEORY 5: The Govt was both involved in the OK
bombing and had foreknowledge and is covering this up.

FACT 1: Former Grand Juror Hoppy Heidelberg, in charge of evidence in the
Oklahoma City bombing case, told the press that, "No one who saw McVeigh
with other suspects [ such as John Doe #2 ], was ever allowed to testify
before the Federal Grand Jury." Mr. Heidelberg was eventually thrown off
the jury after he refused to stop asking questions about John Doe 2.
His review of the best available evidence lead him to conclude, as
actually reported in both the USA Today (10/19/95) and the AP:

"I think they [the govt] know who John Doe 2 is,
and they are protecting him. This is because John
Doe 2 was either a government agent or a government
informant. Either way they [the govt] had... prior
knowledge to the bombing and that's what they
can't afford to come out."

FACT 2: The Portland newspaper the OREGONIAN (4/20/95), states that
Judge Wayne Alley, whose office sits across from the Murrah building,
was warned several days prior to the blast by "security specialists"
to take "special precautions." This story never resurfaced.

FACT 3: The USA Today (4/20/95) reported that Harvy Weathers, of the
Oklahoma City Fire Department, said that the fire dept. had received
a call from the FBI prior to the bombing stating that there would be
"some people entering the city over the weekend." Weathers did not
explain what this meant, but obviously an army of FBI were to enter
the city after the bombing later the next week. "Over the weekend"
would have been a few days before the bombing.

FACT 4: Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key says that he knows
of two witnesses who overheard ATF employees state that they were warned
not to come to work that day, indeed only one agent did show up for work
that day. Representative Key also points out that bomb squad employees
were seen in front of the building at 7:15 am, about two hours prior to
the blast. Rep. Key has conducted his own investigation and was so shocked
with the evidence he uncovered, he compiled it into a video presentation,
which you can find at a site that also promotes the bible:

FACT 5: As reported by the Associated Press, the McVeigh defense
team is in possession of tapes of a call made by the FBI to Oklahoma
City officials warning of a possible terrorist event in the next few
days made several days prior to the blast.

FACT 6: As reported widely on CNN and TV stations across the nation,
up to four primed bombs were found and defused inside what remained of
the Murrah Center Federal Building on April 19, 1995. I have much of
this on tape. How could they have been placed without inside govt

FACT 7: According to CNN, the bombs were found by bomb sniffing dogs.
The ATF later said they were dummy bombs used for bomb training in the
busy downtown office building. If so, containing no explosives, then
explosives detecting dogs would not had tracked them down as they did,
nor would munitions technicians have spent so much time defusing them
as they did, for, practice bombs are always clearly labeled as such.

FACT 8: KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City reported on the 19th that two or more
of the bombs found inside were "far larger in magnitude than the fist
that went off INSIDE the building" (seismic recorders at two locations
both recorded TWO blasts). A terrorist expert, Dr. Randall Heather, on
KFOR-TV said, "We have both of the bombs that were defused at the site
and they are being taken apart." The news coverage went on to say that
another bomb was found strapped to a column next to the day care center.
Up to four unexploded bombs where found inside by the end of the day.

FACT 9: Brigadier General Partin (USAF, Air Force Armament Technology
Laboratory, ret.), one of the top munitions experts in the world, says
that blast damage patterns are NOT consistent with an ANFO truck bomb.
He says that demolition charges had to be placed on the columns, and
sure enough, one was found attached to a column that failed to go off.
Important excerpts of Partin's report along with many photographs
may be found at (very large page, select no graphics for speed):

FACT 10: According to the publication Veritas (5/9/95), bomb technicians
inside the building on the 19th who were finding the unexploded bombs
inside were heard to say police radio:

First voice: Boy your not going to believe this!
Second voice: Believe what?
First voice: I can't believe it... this is a military bomb!

At you can find an order form
for a book written by Michele Marie Moore, an investigator in Oklahoma City
who recorded hundreds of hours of local TV, Police, Fire and EMT broadcasts
that reveal the shocking untold truth about what really happened in OK City.

You can also purchase the book "OKBOMB, Conspiracy and Cover-up," from
A-albionic Research, P.O. Box 20273, Ferndale, MI 48220, for $18.80.

Recommended Waco fact reference: "The Davidian Massacre." $9.00 book rate,
or $11.00 first class. Mail to: Carol Moore, Box 65518, Washington, D.C.
20035. Disclaimer: I'm not making any money off the sale of these books.

The above listing of facts is but a drop in the bucket of all facts
that support and/or prove conspiracy on the part of the govt in only
the few cases cited above. Needless to say there are many other cases
with significant evidence to suggest govt conspiracy, such as the
assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and civil rights leader
Martin Luther King, the Jonestown atrocity, the running of drugs,...

A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who
refuse to believe that their govt and their media will routinely lie to
them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society
that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get.

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