Retrieving & Recreating Stored Memories

Chris Hind (
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 11:14:34 -0700

>I'm also skeptical that
>'clear loops' could be useful for building "mind links" between two
>conscious beings. It seems to me that if clear-loops are 'transparent'
>then neither participant would ever realize they are sharing a common

Alright. Anyone here seen the movie Strange Days? How possible is it that we
could record all of our sensory input and store it as a file and how large
would say a 1 minute file be? Also, would it be possible to go back into the
brain and retrieve all our old memories in sequence and then be able to play
them back and reexperience them? Also what about the possibility of being
able to communicate realtime feelings or stored memories direct to another
individual with a brain-computer-brain interface?