SI's are People Too

David Musick (
Sun, 20 Oct 96 02:03:16 UT

Chris Hind writes: "Perhaps _everyone_ on this list are nothing more than
multiple personalities
of a government-run experimental SI and I'm just sitting here talking to
myself like an idiot."

Why do you think it would be idiotic to talk to SI's? If we are all SI's,
would what we have said be any less meaningful to you? If you like what we
say, then does it matter whether we are SI's or not? If talking to us helps
you accomplish your goals, then it doesn't really matter whether we are SI's
or not, and there is no reason to feel idiotic about talking to a group of

Also, you give the implication that talking to oneself is something that only
idiots do. From my own personal experience, the more I talk to myself, the
faster I learn, and the smarter I become. Most of us talk to ourselves
subvocally; we don't actually make the sounds, but we imagine what is being
said. Talking to oneself can help one develop a greater ability to express
one's mind through words and thus be a more effective communicator. Words are
tools, and the more we play around with them and use them, the more skilled we
can become in using them. Talking to oneself is one form of thinking, and it
is nothing to be embarrased of.

- David Musick