Re: Is Nothing Finite?

David D. (
Fri, 18 Oct 1996 21:59:28 -0700

Chris Hind wrote:
> I keep trying to think what could be finite? Everything is nearly or is
> infinite with technology. You can create nearly infinite amounts of time by speeding up mental processes through uploading and all so-called
finite resources are false through technology because you could make
ever-more efficent engines to consume less fossil fuel which is why
probably the oil companies will never go out of business.

Infinity is a theory, a myth. Any kind of sentient being, with its roots
in our primate past, that experiences the kind of infinity you're talking
about, would be so unrecognizable to us, that their environment is not
only not predictable, but it CANNOT be predicted.

Also, _are_ the oil companies stifling technology or is that just
another urban meme.

Thank you for the meme/myth juxtaposition. Every industry attempts to
stifle its competition. The dinosaurs tried to kill the smaller, more
agile mammals.
There's a wonderful metaphor for this in Dawkin's book "The Selfish