The Worker / Employer Relationship

David Musick (
Fri, 18 Oct 96 22:38:37 UT

Suresh Naidu wrote, "because the fundamental relationship is one of slavery:
worker-employer. There is a huge power imbalance there. And since there
always will be more workers than employers, the majority of people will
be screwed."

Why do you look at the worker / employer relationship as though one person is
above another? From my perspective, they are on equal ground. They are two
people simply making a trade. One person has their work to trade for money,
and the other person wants to trade money for work. I prefer to look at
people as though they are all self-employed, and the people they work for are
their clients. For example, if I am a skilled factory worker, I can sell my
services to various factory owners, who would then be my clients. I want
money, they want some work done; we both agree on the price, and we then
exchange our wares; I trade my work for the factory owner's money. I don't
see where any one is being "screwed" in this process.

One of the things I do to earn money is tutor students at the University of
Utah in math. When I'm tutoring someone, they are my employer, and I am the
worker. Would you say I am being "screwed" by them? Are they taking unfair
advantage of me? Is the fundamental relationship here one of slavery? Are
you saying I am their slave? I view them as my clients, and they view me as
someone who can help them do well in their math class. No one is being

- David Musick