Re: Private Property and Capitalism

James Daugherty (
Fri, 18 Oct 1996 06:53:35 -0400 (EDT)

Mankind's past is a bloody mess.

The land in Europe was repeatedly stolen time after time though
usually the people were of the same race and religion. In the longer
view, alien races and ethnicities repeatedly swept accross Europe looting,
pillaging, and appropriating the land.

I dare say Native Americans stole land from each other as well.

While I do not want in the slightest to minimize the theft of land
by Europeans which occured all over the globe during the Imperialist era,
historical wrongs cannot be "brought to book" on collective racial or
ethic basis.

What is necessary is to deny current holders of property of all
kinds the special protections of government...government interventions and
regulations that cartelize and limit competition should be eliminated.
It is especially important that the Federal Reserve be eliminated as it
allows the elite to constantly re-capitalize themselves by creating money
out of nothing.

The sham Objectivist Alan Greenspan even admitted that his policy
was designed to "build balance sheets" when he testified in front of
Congress a few years ago. He was asked why he was holding interest rates
high while the economy slid into recession in the early '90s.

Of course, this policy was designed to "save the banking system
(cartel)", not enrich or save the elite owners of the system!

On Thu, 17 Oct 1996 wrote:

> >> don't understand is why it isn't blatently obvious to Suresh that private
> property is only maintained by force *when others try to forcefully take it
> from the rightful owner*.
> David, being of native American heritage, that sentnce stuck in my craw. It
> is your use of the word only.... maybe you should say "rightly"... In the
> USA, the land was taken by force and is still maintained by superior force.
> How land is "taken" in the first place may be a good place to begin to
> analyze of some of our culture's deficient memes. When members of
> technologically superior yet unethical (for example if they don't regard
> Indians or blacks as "human beings" but as, say, beasts in the field - which
> is something the Spanish Christian Missionaries had up their sleeve ie: to be
> slaughtered or converted and enslaved was their "place" in life) or
> illmotivated 'tribes' take land by force, then keep it by force, it starts a
> Might is Right chain.
> This has less to do with capitalism, politics, it has much more to do with
> ethics and morality. It may be less of a successful guise today to take
> land, money and gold, but does one think it still effects on us today? Do
> people still operate in this manner? The church is still here, the state is
> still here. In most cases, monarchy is not. But Might is Right is a basic,
> we've been doing it for years and anarchy has never been tried. Do we
> passively assume such tyrannies wil dissapear overnight because we get less
> govt. or do we have to do something (if one can do anything).

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