Re: Great Filter, Low Profile, Cryptocosmology

Hara Ra (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 23:40:18 -0700

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> But advanced civilizations might be detectable through bandwidth: if you
> are a Jupiter brain who wants to send your latest discoveries about the
> ecology of ecologies and how it interlinks with the visions of the
> zorgnyyl on Germanicus IV to a friendly supercivilization nearby, you want
> to send it through a very efficient channel and with good compression. So
> you want to use as short wavelengths as possible, but are limited by the
> interstellar medium, pair creation and the Planck wavelength. So what to
> look for might be bursts of gamma ray noise...
No. Send a few milligrams of encoded matter at .95C.

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