Re: GOVT: Mask of the Mega-Wealthy
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 23:44:47 -0400

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<< that
what we call the "govt" is merely a MASK of the mega-wealthy who want
to gain market control via mechanism other than consumer selection.
Whatever grows the govt, gives more power to a core mega-wealthy cabal. >>

To the mega wealthy the fastest way to steal, Woops! I'm sorry, I mean MAKE
a profit is to get a new law passed such as the "propositions" in California.

Have you see Prop. 211? This opens the doors for law suits not let into in
Federal courts. Its being "sold" to the elderly as a "save-our-pensions" law
by some businesses that stand to profit from the new law. Not customer
driven win-win.

The elderly might lose their pensions by paying to save their pensions. The
businesses probably see creating new laws that favor new business for them as
good creative marketing and a public service.

I could be wrong about this Proposition 211, but I get suspicious when a law
is SURE to "help" me.