Re: the Turing test

David D. (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 21:35:36 -0700

Regardless of what the truth is I like the idea of the game. There is, or
will be an AI on this list. I know this to be a fact. Should we vote?
I think it's Natasha V. More.

david. d.

Lyle Burkhead wrote:
> Ira Brodsky says:

> To repeat: the program has a front man. The fact that Chris Hind is a
> real person proves nothing. Of course he is real. So are we all. The
> question is whether the posts attributed to "Chris" (or "Lyle" or "John") are written by an AI.
> As I said in my original post,
> ::The Extropians have accepted it as part of the group. No one notices
> ::anything different about it -- no one has seriously raised the question of whether it might not be what it purports to be, i.e. just
another human. In other words, this program has passed the Turing test,
so far.
This remains true. Even after being told that there is an AI on
the list, no one has seriously raised the question of whether one of the
posters on the list is an AI. Jokingly, yes. Seriously, no.
> The program continues to pass the test with flying colors.
> Ira, how can you confidently say "way above anything yet achieved
> by AI?" You only know what has been achieved in the past.
> The point is, this program from CMU is *new*. It is a quantum leap
> beyond earlier AI programs. This is the first time an AI program
> has been unleashed on an unsuspecting world, and left to fend for itself. And it is doing very well.
> Lyle