GOVT: Mask of the Mega-Wealthy

Ian Goddard (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 21:51:53 -0400

At 07:50 AM 10/15/96 -0400, James Daugherty wrote:

Noam Chomsky says:

> page 122: "In the long term I think the centralized political power ought
> to be eliminated and dissolved and turned down ultimately to the local
> level, finally, with federalism and associations and so on . . . On the
> other hand, right now I'd like to strengthen the Federal Government. The
> reason is, we live in this world, not some other world. And in this world
> there happen to be huge concentrations of private power which are as close
> to tyranny and as close to totalitarian as anything humans have devised,
> and they have extraordinary power. They are unaccountable to the public.
> There's only one way of defending rights that have been attained or
> extending their scope in the face of these private powers, and that's to
> maintain the one form of illegitimate power that happens to be somewhat
> responsive to the public and which the public can indeed influence. So
> you end up supporting centralized state power even though you oppose it.
> People who think there is a contradiction in that just aren't thinking
> very clearly."

IAN: I see no logical distinction between Chomsky and Marx.
His claim of Anarchy is a naked sham, it's the same "withering
away of the State" nonsense that Marx talked about. He's trying
to slap a "decentralized anarchy" label on 100% pure totalitarianism,
and this act is 100% pure fraud.

Lloyd Miller cuts to the core of the issue observing:

> Lloyd's Comment: Is this guy just unaware that the Federal Government,
> from the Federal Reserve to the FDA to the FTA and the rest of the
> alphabet soup is the prized possession of the major Corporations and that
> they, and only they, can control the Federal Government? And what about
> the Corporations' power to put over GATT, the WTO, NAFTA, etc ETC?

IAN: Exactly. This is the core reality people on both sides of the isle
need to see -- and I think libertarians do for the most part -- that
what we call the "govt" is merely a MASK of the mega-wealthy who want
to gain market control via mechanism other than consumer selection.
Whatever grows the govt, gives more power to a core mega-wealthy cabal.

They have carefully devised a philosophy of universal social
debt that is designed to bind all men to one another under the debt
masters who are the central planning elite that will own the whole
world, and this is the dream of the "New World Order," a term coined
by these very central planners (the proof this conspiracy there for
all to see and is outlined in the book Non Dare Call it Conspiracy)
The philosophy they've poromoted is: socialism. The mega-wealthy
hide behind the mask of socialism -- yet their only as hidden
as people are determined not to see what the facts reveal.

What better way to sell slavery than to sugarcoat it with humanitarian
candies: We all need to come together, one big family, caring for one
another, breaking down our walls, opening our bank accounts to the
masters that will oversee our debt to one another. Notice that that
sales pitch went from fallacy to fact. But in real life that's not
how they sell slavery, it's all sugar coated with socialistic
candies and we're being feed this brain-rot from cradle to grave.

Libertarians are so bludgeoned and battle weary that they surrender the
fight, they join forces with the State and stand against those "nuts" who
talk about "New World Order conspiracy" -- crazy wacky bad stuff. Yet, the
facts of conspiracy are just sitting there for all to see -- that is, that
the BIG money from the wealthiest on Earth has been funding leftist global
ideology since the Bolshevik revolution, the same financial core.

We ignore the facts of the New World Order being built around us at
our own peril. It is clear to see that the real planners who run the
govt are not concerned with the conclusion of the last centuries economic
experiment that proves smaller govt is most advantageous to maximizing
socail outcomes. They are plowing full steam ahead -- the very same
central cabal, the CFR, Rockefellers et al -- with unlimited govt growth.

New World Serfdom is their plan for our future. I believe, they've concluded
that the Middle Ages is the most ideally stable form of society for those
at the top. People may laugh at the idea that the mega-wealthy have much
control over State power, or that they have formed a trust that wields this
power into a unified trust, nevertheless, the facts are there to see for
those who dare to open their eyes, and ignoring the facts, they forsake
their children's future. There is a hope because their control is not
perfect, but it does grow, and it grows in direct proportion to that
of the growth of the State, for they are the real State, the
politicians we see are their puppets.

Take it from a man who knows first hand, Benjamin Disreal,
Britain's Victorian Prime Minister, who observed sagely:

The world is governed by very different
personages from what is imagined by those
who are not behind the scenes.

Ergo: the people we see on TV are puppets of unseen masters.
But these masters are quickly exposed by following the BIG money.

I think as both Lloyd Miller and James Daugherty have clearly stipulated,
the advance of a radical environmentalist anti-human agenda is the most
sure measure of the worst-case scenario that the central cabal has decided
that Middle Age serfdom is the direction they will try to steer the world
in -- and their doing it. State power does work to destroy prosperity
and freedom. The Middle Ages existed before and they can exist again.

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