Re: Cryonics Presents Chilling Question for Life Insurers

Hara Ra (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 16:45:04 -0700 wrote:
> But a real question is presented to cryonicists by this rhetorical question.
> If cryonicists are right and "reanimation" lies in their future, then life
> insurance proceeds paid upon their "deanimation" might be at risk. Will the
> Acme Life Insurance Company be entitled to recover policy death benefits upon
> reanimation, with interest? Perhaps more chilling, might a life insurance
> adjuster be entitled to question the fact of death at the time the claim is
> made?
A cryonic patient has to be declared dead before a cryonics organization
can begin
the suspension process. As an Alcor member I signed a "Whole Body
Anatomical Donation"
document which gives Alcor sole posession of my remains.

You are the lawyer, but IMHO once you are legally dead, the only
recourse left for a
creditor is to sue the estate.

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