Noam Chomsky--Fake Anarchist?

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Tue, 15 Oct 1996 07:50:45 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: Noam Chomsky--Fake Anarchist?

A-albionic Research "Weekly Up-date" of 10-15-96
Quote from the back cover of _Class Warfare_: Interviews with David
Barsamian--A Powerful Road Map to the Emerging Global Capitalism by Noam
Chomsky ($15.00 in-stock at A-albionic) we find:

"Why is this supporter of anarchist ideals in favor of strengthening the
Federal Government?"

Inside we find:

page 122: "In the long term I think the centralized political power ought
to be eliminated and dissolved and turned down ultimately to the local
level, finally, with federalism and associations and so on . . . On the
other hand, right now I'd like to strengthen the Federal Government. The
reason is, we live in this world, not some other world. And in this world
there happen to be huge concentrations of private power which are as close
to tyranny and as close to totalitarian as anything humans have devised,
and they have extraordinary power. They are unaccountable to the public.
There's only one way of defending rights that have been attained or
extending their scope in the face of these private powers, and that's to
maintain the one form of illegitimate power that happens to be somewhat
responsive to the public and which the public can indeed influence. So
you end up supporting centralized state power even though you oppose it.
People who think there is a contradiction in that just aren't thinking
very clearly."

Lloyd's Comment: Is this guy just unaware that the Federal Government,
from the Federal Reserve to the FDA to the FTA and the rest of the
alphabet soup is the prized possession of the major Corporations and that
they, and only they, can control the Federal Government? And what about
the Corporations' power to put over GATT, the WTO, NAFTA, etc ETC?

But he is aware cuz on pages 149-150, just for one example, we

"Take the cutback of the regulatory apparatus . . . big investment firms
are very unhappy about it. They need the Securities and Exchange
Commission. . .Markets cost a lot of money to set up and a lot of money to
police. . .So the big guys, . . . rely on the SEC as government
intervention to protect the functioning of markets to the extent that they
exist, which is a limited but not zero extent. . .The Commerce Department
is now under attack by the Republican freshmen. But big business wants
it. It just puts money into their pockets. The Commerce Department is
one of the welfare systems for the rich and they don't want that to
disappear. . .Republican freshman attack was going right after
environmental issues. . .beaten back on that one, to a large extent
because big corporations who can think five years ahead realize that they
would like to have a world five years from now in which they can make
profits, not only for today. . .same with the FDA. . .pharmaceutical
corporations came out against dismantling the Food and Drug
Administration. . .smart enough to figure out that if there is no
regulation and independent assessment, five years from now there will be
some kind of thalidomide catastrophe or something. . .And so it goes.
There has always been a symbiotic relationship between big private capital
and state power. They want to maintain it."

Lloyd's Comment: Soooo! Is Chomsky and idiot or an agent? Well, at MIT,
he is feeding from the Federal trough. He admits it elsewhere in _Class
Warfare_. On the other hand, maybe this railer about the "democracy
deficit" really does believe that "democracy" is possible, not just a
fraudulent fantasy promoted to obtain the "consent of the governed" by the
elite behind the major Corporations. Can he really believe that Federal
Regulations are designed for the benificent purposes he states above?
Can't he see that from Banking to the FDA to the EPA Federal regulations
are designed to cartelize and increase monopoly profits, foreclosing the
type of decentralized system left-anarchist claim to want?

You be the judge! Conspiracy or error? Just a beneficent co-incidence
that Chomsky lines up completely with the Class Warfare doctrines of the
Democratic Party?

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