Re: On being Extropian ( was Eagles and Parrots)

Suresh Naidu (
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 21:14:35 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 14 Oct 1996, Chris Hind wrote:

> >>>If being extropian means checking my emotions at the door, than,
> >>>fine, I should seek other fora.
> I've been going over thoughts such as these and have concluded that there
> are multiple values creating conflicts on this list, to name a few:
> Message Depth vs Message Bredth
> Confirm Beliefs vs Evolve Beliefs
> Emotion over Logic vs Logic over Emotion
> I agree with everything on the right side of those listed. And my belief is
> that we should think logically and then act emotionally as opposed to act
> emotionally then logically. Emotion over Logic leads to violent outbursts of
> emotion which usually leads to nothing but arguments leading nowhere. Using
> logic to think and then act with emotion is the better more rational route.
> All this points to EQ I suppose. Emotion is mere entertainment from my
> viewpoint. Emotion comes from the ancient reptilian brain deep within your
> cranium where logic is fresh and new and one of the higher forms of thought
> to help us rationalize and use tools. Why deny the fact that emotion is
> vistigial (sp?) and only for mere entertainment now that we have logic?

It is only irrational emotions that are pointless. Emotion itself is not
a bad thing,it keeps us from turning into serial killers. Logic and
emotion temper each other. Souless logic is just as bad as unrestrained
emotion. Emotions are not vestigial, they are as important as sex. Even
if they are from the reptile brain, there is no need to abandon them.
That would be like abandoning food in favour of pills:More efficient, but
doesn't really satisfy. You can feel however you want, but just articulate
why and provide some reasoning. Just turning on the flame throwers is not
constructive. Same as if we all just spouted facts without using them for
opinions, then this list would be no better than library.

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