PHIL: Re: low profile

Michael Butler (
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 08:44:25 PST

>Occam's razor is the better tool.

How do you measure the "betterness"?

Statistics is a good tool to decide to get on an airplane--the
large-numbers info is that it's much safer per passenger-mile than
driving in cars.

Statistics doesn't provide much comfort once your wings slap together
at angels-10 and you plummet into the ocean.

Occam's razor: don't complicate theories beyond necessity. Sounds
good. OK, say my theory of everything (TOE) is: "God did it." Hard to
get simpler than that, no? You say your necessity is different from
mine? *Ah...* QED.

Or as my Daddy never said, Occam's razor can't shave the Spanish

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