Re: Infinitely fast computer

Felix Ungman (
Sun, 13 Oct 1996 07:47:04 +0100

William Kitchen:
>My suspicion is that the
>time between being granted such miraculous machinery, and the emergence
>of superintelligence would be exceedingly short. On the order of weeks
>for one such as myself who only programs occasionally, perhaps only days
>for an experienced programmer who does it as his primary method of
>making a living, possibly even hours for a first class programming
>wizard (especially one with a passion for mathematics).

Rather than critisize your sispicion, I would like to test it. I challenge
anyone on this list to participate in the Intelligence Programming Contest:=

Your goal: Write a computer program (in your favourite formal language
that doesn't require more than infinite time to compute), that will result
in human intelligence or better.

I will personally give one of my Power Infintium Personal Computer
to the winner. (I will give it away at the omega point, but submissions
must be postmarked *before* the omega point.)

Felix Ungman