re: low profile

Robin Hanson (
Sat, 12 Oct 96 15:27:24 PDT

Forrest Bishop writes:
>One open question: do we use big fat starships or wee little nanoprobes?

For the purpose of escaping, lots of little low-foot-print probes
sounds best.

>[[So you dont buy the wipe the memory idea? The basis is that
>one cannot be certain of a memory immune from infiltration.]]

Choices, choices. How about his compromise. You have them remember a
billion specific locations in the universe they might have come from.
Then they send info home to all those locations. Inflitrators would
then have to go look at all those locations to find you. And that
location might be a relay station, which rebroadcasts its info to
another billion locations.

>keeping the quiet .. a strong central policing might be required to enforce
>[[If the colony is a merged superinelligence, said policing would simply
>be a form of self-discipline.]]

Giving it this name doesn't make it any easier.