Re On being Extropian ( was Eagles and Parrots)
Sat, 12 Oct 1996 15:13:07 -0400

Aegis :
>>>I'm clarifying a few points, and then I'm off this thread, and
possibly off this list. I cannot take the nastiness of the tone
around here much longer. It's sad, because I thought I might be
extropian--I guess that isn't the case.

I don't agree, Kathryn, Extropians I have met so far have been more than
courteous, well informed and very lovely. When people chide me for being
nonscientific or can't agree with my art- needs-techno-and -techno -needs-art
world view, i don't see anyone on either side ( i catch shit from the art
community even worse, believe me) as being nasty , just concerned with truth.
And I seek to show them my side... not to press them into it. ANYWAY It is
not a forum for emotional toned conversation, at all. Scientists are used to
the most rigid and demanding public debunking as part of their training.
I understand this , coming from beauty, not facts, an artist has more of a
"touchy feely" kind of field, and so hardly am I offended ( unless they call
my mom names or something) but rather choose to feel greatly *complemented*
when others of high intelligence take up a subject and challenge me on it,
even if I think they are wrong, or ill informed, because it forces me to
examine my own beliefs and theories.
I am starting to see a pattern with you of making a post, then becoming
upset and accusing others of being nasty when your viewpoint is healthily
questioned and the truth of it challenged. I am just commenting impartially.