Re: Eagles and parrots

Kathryn Aegis (
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 10:32:02 +0000

I'm clarifying a few points, and then I'm off this thread, and
possibly off this list. I cannot take the nastiness of the tone
around here much longer. It's sad, because I thought I might be
extropian--I guess that isn't the case.

1. Using the phrase "I mean no offense" does
not excuse making aspirsions on the intellect of persons
participating on any list.

2. Despite intimations to the contrary, my questioning of Churchill's
metaphor was "well thought out". I have extensive rhetorical
training and several editorships and have been trained to spot

3. I never said that Churchill wasn't intelligent, only that he
preferred scholarly pursuits to climbing mountains looking for eagles
(the basis for my knowledge).

4. I could quote at least five postings that have made negative
comments about newcomers to this list, but why bother? They're in
the archives.

Kathryn Aegis