Re: Private Property and Capitalism
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 13:26:59 -0400

I think rather than pointing out how noncapitalist systems are also
exploiting, i would rather hear discussions on how, actually *how*,
Libertarian legal systems will address outright coercion and illegal
gangstyle or mafia style serfdom.

As i study libertarian philosophy, i was not surprised to learn it was based
on the "homesteading" Locke philosophy, and question such a stance, not
because i think it is inherantly "wrong" but already "outmoded".
Property ( especially in Europe, Japan and US) is largely already claimed,
not many will be able to make an original stake and therefore it will be
neccessary to redefine "privacy" and "private", private to whom?Private from
what? We will have property subdivided, owned in group purchases, rentals,
huge condo-munities, offshore controls etc. A shift in such a basic
foundation block may have implications shaking the very roots of the
( Homesteading could have a resurgence in offworld or undersea technologies :

Either way, in most of these discussions, the *concerns* which I hear are
how shall we protect ourselves and others from greedy, shitty "corperate"
gangs (Percieved now as mostly *in cahoots* with the govt, getting corperate
welfare etc.).. or mafias, or "bad" people who abuse the free market.
The concern is valid, because history has lots of examples of coercive
tactics, gunpoint ( 1995, L.A.) used to set up sweat shops, people forced to
help others gain wealth against their will( thru lying or other types of
coercion) and so forth. The principle of non coercion will be ignored by
some, perhaps many, if there is no "indoctrination" - which is obviously
unlibertarion, or unless we magically all suddenly become ethical. Not
happening yet, but I am optimistic. : )
When I endeavor to come up with solutions, and hear mostly "oh it will go
away by itself" or " free market will take care of it" or , it can't be worse
than it is ( which may be true, but its hardly comforting , productive or
seductive ) I think it's no wonder only small percent of people will become
Libertarian. There just arent enough hard plans.... how do we get there??
I suggest looking into the challenge of how to create* a utopia, not MORE

*Obviously working out the nitty gritty of how to prevent force and illegal,
unethical worker exploitation , as well as crime control, urban safety,
children's welfare, military defense and so forth and is a big job ahead,
our govt makes a big living off of it.