Re: Nanotechnology

Forrest Bishop (
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 21:28:42 -0700

You wrote:
>Suresh Naidu
>occaisonal student
>math 1a, computer science

>> Damien B.'s main point seems to be that advanced nanotech would
>> require some damn complex software which embodies or otherwise has
>> access to quite a bit of knowledge, including how things aught to be
>> designed, and how those designs can be assembled. John Clark's
>> response seems to be that it will nonetheless still happen someday.
>> If so, I'm not sure there is much disagreement here.

>But wait..New thought just hit. You can use fractal and
>mathematics and the like to program nanobots, could you not. Would
>increase the efficiency substantially? Or has this already been

Yes. The system (the Overtool) described at
is a fractal-like assembler. Assembly algorithms developed (probably
via GA) at one scale (or simulated) can be applied at all scales.

Forrest Bishop