Re: The Poor Masses
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 18:59:22 -0400

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(Suresh Naidu) wrote in reply to Davin Enigl:

Davin: << > There is nothing more selfish or greedy than a government who
spends probably
> 100%+ of my tax dollars on interest payments (I call it the "blackhole").

Suresh's Reply:>
Interest payments on debts taken out for (under Reagan) arms

Have you forgotten the LBJ years and all the years of welfare?

Suresh: << which gives businesses more lucrative contracts than they
could possibly get from consumer items. More money goes towards corporate
subsidies than welfare. >>

Lucrative to you, negotiated contracts to me. Welfare to you, business to

That's not welfare, that's business (and jobs). Don't blame the companies
for getting business. They had a product the government wanted and got
paid for it.

Do you want them to say no to the business? ... To give their products away
for free? Or, should they say "You negotiated poorly, we feel sorry for you
big government, here's a refund"? Would you give a refund?

My problem is that the government couldn't afford it and raised my taxes so I
had to pay for something I might not have wanted (except for my job of

These will be my last public e-mails on this subject. I think the mailing
list for Extropian thought is inappropriate for my further comments. I will
use private e-mail. Thank you.