Re: The Poor Masses
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 13:52:30 -0400

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(Suresh Naidu)write:

<< This kind of top-down
structure reeks of a closed fascism, where the guy at the top gives the
orders and the men/women at the bottom have to take it or leave. here`s
no room for negotiation. >>

I don't see it as top down. I see it as:

If you have something or do something that people are willing to pay for,
negotiation works very well with salaries, working conditions, job duties,
etc. If you don't have something people are willing to pay for . . . Then
there is a problem in need of fixing via education, skills, training, etc.

I don't understand what "closed fascism" is. To me fascism is when you are
NOT free to choose what you want to do with private property or your self
because they are under government regulation. But, we ARE free to choose in
this case, right?? like jobs? We all chose our jobs one way or another.
The government did not tell me where to work. The companies didn't tell me
either. In fact, I started my our company. You can too. It's your choice.
It's everyone's choice.

<< (Suresh Naidu) also wrote, 96-10-09
09:02:38 EDT:

<<My point is that competition cannot help worker conditions, nor can it
eliminate the authoritarian nature of business. The coop may not be able
to compete with the big corporation because they pay fair equal wages,
while the big corporation may not. <<

Wisconsin Dairies Co-Op does pay well. If a worker thinks the pay isn't
fair: "Work for someone else", e.g. WD Co-Op or start your own company.
Become an independent contractor. There is always an option. Learn to do
something people want to pay for.

If the "big" company is so evil why isn't everybody paid minimum wage?
Because negotiation works with or without a Union. Workers are as free to
choose their employers just as a company is free to choose its workers.
Employers and workers are as free as negotiation lets them be. Look for the

But, if you start your own company, know this: I pay 35% income tax plus 15%
self employment tax. . . a total of 50% tax. So, to compensate for the tax
and business expenses I raised my fee from $25 per hour before I had my own
company to $75 now that I have my own company, to get the same standard of
living. If I was to incorporate I would get double taxed i.e. beyond the
50% rate which would lower my standard of living.