Re: Stopping the Singularity

Dan Clemmensen (
Tue, 08 Oct 1996 19:43:10 -0400

Chris Hind wrote:
[Anders wrote:]
> >Here is a more realistic scenario, based on an upcoming paper about
> >scenario planning (this is the "House of Cards" scenario):
[SNIP of a major economic crash scenario]

> >No, this may not prevent the Singularity from appearing later, but it
> >will delay it considerably. You could of course make this scenario even
> >darker by assuming bioweapons or similar tricks, but a global market
> >crash can be bad enough.
> AHHH!! DON'T SAY THIS!! This is a horrible idea! What is the likelyhood of
> this occurring?

I'm one who thinks the singularity is an inevitable near-term
consequencs of the continualce of our civilization. However, as
in Anders' scenario, any truly severe disrutpion of said civilization
can stop the research into computing, and thus delay the singularity.
However, I believe that any plausible scenario will also result in the
death of at least half of the population.