Re: Moving Beyond Government "Solutions"

Stephen de Vries (
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 12:13:03 GMT2

Alternatives to laws:

I find it very inconvenient if I am physically attacked, murdered or
if something of value to me is taken. It would require a lot of
personal effort to learn a martial art, secure my possesions or learn
how to use a firearm. What would suit me best is to hire somebody
else to protect me (Private Protection Agencies). This makes law and
justice a commodity which can be traded in an open market place,
thereby allowing it to evolve much faster.

Creating a commune of people who believe in the same laws and want
the same sort of protection is also an alternative (just like
countries now except a lot smaller, thereby satisfying _all_ the
citizens, not just the majority). How the interactions between these
communes will be managed might still be a problem (trying to avoid
the idea of a centrally controlling authority). A mini UN might be a
solution, although I intuitively don't like the concept.

Stephen de Vries
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