Re: Evolving Art Objects (featured in Virtuosity)

Stephen de Vries (
Sat, 5 Oct 1996 12:40:05 GMT2

On Sat, 05 Oct 1996 Chirs Hind wrote:

> In the movie Virtuosity which featured transhumanist and extropian ideas
> such as nanotechnology also included a computer where the designs would
> evolve by biofeedback. The example they showed was of a woman who would
> become more and more attractive by evolving according to the person's
> biofeedback. How easily could this form of evolving art be accomplished and
> also is there a personal absolute asthetic point?

Time is always important in aesthetics (fashion). Something maybe
absolutely beautiful one moment, but after a while the mind
seeks newer beauty.

> Can something evolve and
> become more attractive forever or is their a hard limit on how attractive
> something can be?

It will evolve forever. The art has an impact on the observer,
which changes that observer and leaves them to find more. Kinda
like the Borg assimilating more novelty...

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