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On Sep 30, 5:17pm, "Michael Butler" wrote:

} So, forgive my ignorance, but what gives? Is nobody going to bill me?
} In that case, I may very well unsubscribe; I was interested in seeing
} what the fee structure weeded out, if anything.

Nope. The primary rationale for dues was to help pay for the cost of the
private software (MailWeir), I think. Now we use majordomo, and
everything is open, and I'm not convinced it is an improvement. The
list is certainly more active, and arguably invigorated, but I think it
is also noisier than it was. In the past I had one person excluded on
the extropians list and many people filtered out on the transhuman list;
now the two have nearly identical killfiles. (procmail, for the
technically curious.)

The old fee was between $8 and $14. Sometimes I think charging one cent
might be beneficial, just for the filter of physically mailing

Then there are the very devoted and energetic people who will pay the
due and still not have anything to say...

Merry part,
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