Re: Mailing List Quality
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 04:07:54 -0400

Robin Hanson asks ( re: a system of the more knowledgable among us flagging
(or rating) posts for content)
>>What is the difference between this and a moderated "best >of" list?
>I don't see how it is any less objectionable on elitism grounds.

Ahh, but i am not making an assertation about elitism at all.
I am not against an elite, if one exists then so be it . Rather I am not
amenable to having my choices made for me. And i would certainly not be
interested in being on any kind of jury.

I suggested a guide system, probably not a very practical idea, in
application, but it was meant as a constructive alternative to censoring the

Two lists would take MORE of my time, not less...

I'm not against your idea, Ijust don't want to be on the list(s) if it
goes that way. It was a closed list before and it can be again. It's a
perfectly valid idea, in light of the problem of quality. Perhaps it is
neccessary, and if two lists- one lesser one greater- seems like the
solution, go for it! I have lovely things planned for the free time I will, beach, jacuzzis, cafes, dancing...

No doubt someone would forward me the really good items .
: )