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In a message dated 96-09-28 17:04:12 EDT, Suresh Naidu writes:

<<"I hate and fear government as much as anyone, but I also fear corporate
tyranny, and as long as private interests are this selfish and greedy, I
pay my taxes to help out my fellow man." >>

When you buy from a business, you directly help me, your fellow man, by
paying my salary. Is that greedy or selfish of me and my big-business

There is nothing more selfish or greedy than a government who spends probably
100%+ of my tax dollars on interest payments (I call it the "blackhole").

That tax money goes to pay someone else's salary probably not even in the
Western Hemisphere. Because of this, the tax money doesn't really go for the
things you think it does.

Besides, taxes increase business operating costs forcing my company to reduce
my salary or lay me off. When you pay your taxes you do not help me.

However, I do not expect to be helped by you or others for "free". I don't
want government charity either. I think you and I must _both_ make a
satisfying exchange (e.g.monitary) or I perfer NO deal at all. If you don't
think my business is worth buying from, you should not buy from me.


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