Re: Mailing List Quality (Was: Certainty, Experiments & Fac

Michael Butler (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 17:17:30 PST

I'm not following what is being left unsaid in this thread.

I expected this to be a high-quality low-noise ML that I'd have to
pay a subscription fee for. My personal jury's still out on the
quality & noise issues, but one prior comment says something about
Max More "opening" the ML.

So, forgive my ignorance, but what gives? Is nobody going to bill me?
In that case, I may very well unsubscribe; I was interested in seeing
what the fee structure weeded out, if anything.

It was a tough decision to try this out because I didn't know what the
billing structure was, and I was worried that I'd like it more than I was
willing to pay for it.

MMB, at but not for OCV