Everything is Objective

David Musick (David_Musick@msn.com)
Sat, 28 Sep 96 19:47:32 UT


Just to clarify what I said: I never said that our subjective knowledge was
infalliable. All I said is that we are certain THAT we are experiencing. We
are much less certain WHAT we are experiencing. We may be horribly wrong
about the *content* of our experiences, but the very fact that we are
experiencing something rather than nothing is blatently obvious to each of us.
That is what I was saying, and that is ALL I was saying. I don't think that
this re-establishes the subjective/objective dichotomy at all.

But, you're right; if I _was_ claiming that we understand our subjective
experiences perfectly, while we can never hope to understand the objective
world perfectly, I _would_have_ been reinstating the objective/subjective
dichotomy that I was busily demolishing. But I wasn't saying that, you just
thought I was. So, we don't disagree at all on this point. Just a simple
misunderstanding. Now you can write your "me too" post.

- David Musick