Re: JP Barlow, Ph.D, Social Engineering

Dr. Rich Artym (
Sat, 28 Sep 1996 11:02:59 +0100

In message <>, Kathryn Aegis writes:

> I apologize to this list for this discussion involving me getting so
> far. My original intention was to listen, then I responded to
> something Eugene wrote without realizing that I was replying to this
> list. And now, I can only interpret this post by Rich as a continuing
> attack on the social sciences that began on the transhumanist list
> and has migrated to this list.

There is no attack on the social sciences, Kathryn, at least not from me.
I merely examine the scientific basis of various disciplines, and I am
amply qualified to do that. I do *not* delve into the social aspects,
except inasmuch as time and again I have been saying that work in these
areas is extremely valuable and *must* be done by these disciplines
because it is outside of the scope of science to do it.

So, where's the alleged attack? All I see is *support*. When I call a
"social science" a social study and say it is *not* a science then I'm
merely being precise with language and true to the procedures that underly
the scientific method. I'm not attacking the work you do, only ensuring
that the label "science" is used correctly. If you understood science as
well as you do your own field then you would probably agree with me.

Please try and see this thread in the constructive light in which it is
intended. It does nobody any good for a field of study to be mislabeled.


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