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Sat, 28 Sep 1996 02:20:08 -0400

At 11:57 AM 9/27/96 -0500, Jeff Dee wrote:

James Daugherty wrote:

>> Ever hear of the Whitewater Cover-up, the WACO cover-up, the Ruby Ridge
>> cover-up, the Ron Brown crash cover-up, the OKC Bomb cover-up, Iran-
>> Contra, CIA Drug Running at the Mena airport, etc. etc.? How about
>> the failed war on drugs? FDA oppression and cover-up of the value
>> of nutrients in life extention, etc? Or the failed war on poverty.

> Yes, I've heard about all sorts of cover-ups. What I have not heard
> are good reasons to believe that many of them have *are* cover-ups.

IAN: Here's some really good reasons to believe they are cover ups:


1. I don't know what you call a cover up, but the FBI
kept private investigators out of the Murrha building
in OK City, then quickly blew it up and within a few
days had all the remains -- still viable evidence --
buried at the BFI Waste Systems land fill. To make
sure it didn't look like a cover-up, they erected a
fence around the landfill and posted armed guards
who prevented all private investigators from even
entering the site. This is a cover up ipso facto.

2. Fabrication of evidence is a cover up of the
truth. Associated Press 04/10/96 (emphasis added):

Prosecutors agreed to turn over letters
from FBI agent Frederic Whitehurts, who
tested Mr. McVeigh's cloths for traces
of explosives. Mr. Whitehurst has claimed
that investigators FAKED evidence in the
bombing case. ^^^^^

Right there, cover up -- an investigator comes
forward and admits it. Now Mr. Whitehurst fears
intimidation for his "spilling of the beans." Did
you hear much about this in the media? There are
at least a dozen other examples in this case alone.


Associated Press, 09/23/96

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) - Activist Dick Gregory
and two others were arrested Monday in a protest
at the Drug Enforcement Administration after
demanding release of information on when the
agency first learned of allegations that U.S.
-backed Nicaraguan rebels were shipping
cocaine to the United States.

They were joined at the protest by former DEA
agent Celerino Castillo III, who said he filed
reports documenting how in the mid-1980s, the
U.S.-backed Nicaraguan Contras were raising
money buy funneling crack cocaine to inner-
city gangs in Los Angeles.

---> Castillo sought, without success, release of
his own investigative files on the matter....
despite reports from Castillo and others, the
government did nothing to stop the alleged

One could fill books with evidence/proof of govt cover up. Hell, govt
is one solid cover up of the fact that central planning is a constant
failure, yet they conspire [not that word] everyday to force more and
more of it down our throats. This should be known to all extropians.

>I'm proud to say that I'm reading nothing but science books.
> Because of my interest in science, I have a lot of trouble
> with the sort of 'evidence' generally cited in support of
> conspiracy theories.

IAN: If your reading no evidence about govt conspiracy -- the not
doing of which you claim to be proud of -- then how can you in the
same breath reject this evidence you proudly ignore ??? Is such
a priori rejection of evidence what they teach in science books ?

> There's not much point in owning myself if I'm not worth much.
> Most of my feelings of self-worth are based on an awareness that
> I try to think clearly, rationally, and skeptically. I see no
> point at all in fantasizing 'enemies' just to make the prospect
> of self-ownership seem more precious.

IAN: Fear if illness and disease is a logical basis for valuation of
health. There are diseases out there that "want" to get us. So to,
there are tyrants out there that want your freedom, wealth and labor.
You'd be wise to fear them and foolish to ignore them. Because enough
people ignore the available evidence / proof of govt cover up and
atrocity, they will be slowly divested of more and more of both
their liberties and properties even as these govt funded
acts of atrocity form the very pretext for such loses.

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