Re: Certainty, Experiments & Facts

Eric Watt Forste (
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 22:03:42 -0700

Reilly said:
>Of course, if you have incoherent values, or are tugged in opposing life
>directions, then you're just bobbing on the waves anyway.

Bobbers on the waves are not likely to send SWAT teams crashing through my
door, nor are they likely to organize for higher taxes and more
regulations, so I'm reluctant to condemn them as harshly as you do.

The people I worry about are the people who insist (like you do) upon moral
certainty, resolve, and activity, but who (unlike you) value an
authoritarian rigidly-ordered society. You and I both value a free society.
You see a free society as a society that does not tolerate violence or
expropriation. I see a free society as a society that tolerates everything
*except* violence and expropriation.

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