Re: Transhuman Art Mailing List...Is There An Interest?
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 18:22:19 -0400

MIchael Butler writes:
QM writes:
>>As nice as it sounds, a mailing list may or may not get off the ground,
seems to be more antipathy than I ever expected towards the >ideas of >H
artists.. people dont "grok" the immediate "value" of it I guess..

>>I say:
*sigh*. I grok a value off it.

Well, i am glad you grok ( what grokking a value off of something is, i am
not sure, but the sentiment is nice). This is the first I have heard you
speak of it. Are you an artist?

>>>I consider none of the extropian BEST
DO IT SO principles (to take them as a starting place) as being
intrinsically antithetical to art.

I didnt say anything about the principles being against it, if they were i
would not be an Extropian.

Or not. I'd rather *do* art, and tell my frineds about it. :) :) :)
Idea: Go do art and tell us about it. :) :) or tell *me*, anyway. :)

= )
Go do art? hmmm.....Well, it would be kind of hard for me to work any harder
at it than I am right now... but if you want to hear a discription of my art
email me offlist! January I will put up a site and I will notify the list.
That is what the thread is ( talking) about. We are talking about a
forum to talk_ about talking about the art we are doing. : )