More On The Transhuman\Extropian Art Mailing List

E. Shaun Russell (
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 14:16:40 -0700 (PDT)

-*Thanks to Anders, Nadia and Natasha for your recent comments.*-

From the optimistic comments I have received (and the pessemistic
comments I have *not* received) it would appear that there is an interest in
a transhuman\extropian art ML. I guess it's time for me to get the pebble
rolling and see if it causes an avalanche :-)! What I need from everyone
now is information on setting up a mailing list. I'm sure David McFadzean,
Alex Bokov and Max More should have this information, but if anyone else has
any knowledge of setting up MLs, their input would be highly valued.

Step two will be links. If anyone on either mailing list would not
mind creating a link to the ML (if it gets off the ground), that would be

My general plan is that this ML will be a forum for TH, Extropian,
Futurist, immortalist etc. artists to collaborate, comment upon, and
critique each other's artwork. I believe that there are many different
genres that are included in the term 'art'. Some of these genres include
poetry, plays, visual artwork, sculpture, music, short stories, videos and

I believe that an artist is a person who creates something that
reflects a piece of his\herself within a genre. As an artist myself, I
believe that every time I create a piece of art, I am immortalizing an
emotion or feeling that I feel upon the moment of completion. I think,
therefore I am; I believe, therefore I do.

With the creation of this mailing list, I think that artists shall
be able to make their deepest and truest views open to their peers.

Within the next little while, I will be researching ways of how to
create an ML, and what sort of avenues I will take to create pertinent
links. I have started on an FAQ and introduction, but any suggestions and
contributions will be accepted with very open arms. All in all, I would
appreciate your involvement and input regarding this matter, and hopefully,
it shall be successful.

Ingredi Externus!

"Creation comes before distribution --or else there would be nothing to
distribute." -Ayn Rand

E. Shaun Russell Extropian poet\musician