Re: Transhuman Art Mailing List
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 13:20:49 -0400

Natasha Vita More writes:
I think this might be just the view of a few. Certainly, by >having a
Transhumanist Art list, anyone who does not have a strong background in
art,or art hisory and art theory can join >in and learn. This would be
really great and much needed.

Perhaps when i return you and I can sit down and see about starting a forum
for futurist art, you havent the time, and yet it is your concept in so many
ways... I am skeptical about the embryonic stage of the sci/art connections,
but yes, perhaps it is a way for people to ( if nothing else) lurk and learn
til they are ready to contribute ( which is what I did for the >H and
Extropian lists).

>> Certainly, art has value and meaning. How many
would join? Well, perhaps a lot of artists!

You are right! It may be a way to encourage artists to become interested
in Extropy.... we can use the brain power.

>> Let anyone who isn't an artist read the list guidelines and FAQ list to
learn terms first to learn a few references. I find that some of previous
confusion was because words are
used differently in different professions/disciplines and _also_ that, in
general, people have different reference points from which to draw ideas and
criticism. If someone has never seen or read about a specific style of art,
how on earth can he or she discuss it intelligently?

I agree with you, but is a bit beside the point - exept for those few ( and
you know who you are) who speak *authoratively* on the subject when it is
quite clear they arent experts.

I hope the scientists, social scientists, techwriters, programmers, engineers
and philosophers would also be freely encouraged to join in, on any level
they want - knowledge or none - as long as they arent *attacking* the
After all, one will certainly find more engineers who know a little about art
history than artists who know a little about neurobiology.
Personally I find it much more interesting to learn from the technogeeks and
futurist philosophers, since I know a lot about art already!!
***** Let the discussion begin!*****
Reed_ Raven St. Crow
( who happens to *like* deathist cyberpunk art : - )