Re: Transhuman Art Mailing List...Is There An Interest?

Natasha V. More (
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 09:15:01 -0700 (MST)

At 03:36 AM 9/27/96 -0400, wrote:

>Anders has a pretty good sight with much intersting >H art, and when I do
>mine i will definitely include others too - of course the so far * the most
>*definitive one is by Natasha Vita More...

Thank you Nadia. I intend the site to be a place where people can learn
about Transhumanist Art, who some transhuman artists are, and a bit about
our work. I intend to show where different art genre's meet and where they
separate so that people can get a quick guide to its art history. This way
we won't lump all futuristic looking art as transhuman art when it is not
based on the ideas and intentions of transhumans. This is important because
much contemporary art is deathist and angry, but utilizes interesting
technology. And it is important for us to have a least some sense of
sophistication about the genre we are participating in! A transhuman making
art that is not transhuman -:)

I should let people know that it is under construction and that is why the
links aren't happening. I haven't written the pages. I will be able to work
on it in two weeks.

>What might be interesting
>As nice as it sounds, a mailing list may or may not get off the ground, there
>seems to be more antipathy than I ever expected towards the ideas of >H
>artists.. people dont "grok" the immediate "value" of it I guess...( same
>folks who want to upload and live deep in the techno VR heart of it) for
>some reason.... so I dont know how many would join, but eventually it would
>be a fun thing to consider.....

I think this might be just the view of a few. Certainly, by having a
Transhumanist Art list, anyone who does not have a strong background in art,
or art hisory and art theory can join in and learn. This would be really
great and much needed. Certainly, art has value and meaning. How many
would join? Well, perhaps a lot of artists! Let anyone who isn't an artist
read the list guidelines and FAQ list to learn terms first to learn a few
references. I find that some of previous confusion was because words are
used differently in different professions/disciplines and _also_ that, in
general, people have different reference points from which to draw ideas and
criticism. If someone has never seen or read about a specific style of art,
how on earth can he or she discuss it intelligently?

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