Re: Why lack of interest in Global Climate Control?

Forrest Bishop (
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 01:27:04 -0700

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>At 19:40 9/24/96 -0400, you wrote:
>> Perhaps you need to expound a bit more on HAARP. I read part of
>>Angels Don't Play This HAARP, but was not knowledgeable enough to
>>much of an opinion except to wonder what are lords and masteres are
>> What book or article on the subject do you recommend as reliable?
>Try Popular Science Sept 95, it only briefly meantions weather control
>it's enough to get you really thinking. I'd be VERY interested in
>more information on it.
There is a HAARP website, Art Bell has a link to it. It makes an
interesting study in obfuscation and disinformation.
Beware (they say at the site): your access is being monitored!
What really gets my goat is the total lack (as far as I could see),
of acknowledgement to Nikolai Tesla, who conceived much of the
idea. He was dismissed as a crackpot, then and now.

Forrest Bishop